Program Management

  • Single Point of Management throughout the entire process: 
    • Real Estate, Design, Procurement, Construction, Facilities Maintenance
  • Develop Comprehensive Scopes of Work For Entire Project Team
  • Selection and Management of Design, Engineering, Construction, and Procurement professionals.
  • Accurate Front-End Planning & Forecasts
  • Management of Total Development Budget and Schedule
  • Preparing of Bid Packages, and Managing the Bid Process
  • Providing Traditional Construction Management Services

Pre-Construction / Design Phase

  • Scope definition and management
  • Establishment and maintenance of communications procedures
  • Budget development
  • Master schedule development – CPM Scheduling
  • Site selection assistance
  • Architect/engineer selection advisory
  • Specialty consultant selection advisory
  • Conceptual Design
  • Cost estimating and value analysis
  • Construction Drawings
  • Constructability and bid-ability reviews
  • Procedures and logistics assessment
  • General conditions and contract requirements advisory
  • Assistance with testing/inspection sub-contractors
  • Bid phase management

Project & Construction Management

  • CPM scheduling and schedule management / monitoring
  • Cost control oversight
  • Professional on-site management (optional)
  • Leadership / Facilitation of job coordination meetings
  • Contract administration and management
  • Regular inspection and quality assurance enforcement
  • Progress and financial reporting
  • Documentation and file maintenance
  • Change order management
  • Open item tracking and reporting
  • Issue avoidance and dispute resolution
  • Contract closeout supervision
  • Commissioning oversight


  • Master program schedules
  • Design phase schedules
  • Construction phase schedules
  • Completion and turnaround schedules
  • Window and look-ahead schedules
  • Recovery schedules
  • Contract time determination for bids (engineer’s estimate of time)
  • Cost and resource loading of CPM schedules
  • Periodic updating of schedules
  • Preparation of schedule reports
  • Schedule analysis and trending
  • Progress completion verification (percent complete)
  • Review and analysis of schedules prepared by others
  • Analysis, preparation and/or testimony regarding delay and disruption claims

Owner Representation

As owner’s representative, we serve as an extension of the owner’s staff.

CITADEL provides guidance through the lifecycle of your project, protecting the owner’s interests at all times.

CITADEL provides owners with the value-added resources they will need to make their project a success. For an owner whose team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, CITADEL literally serves as an extension of their staff.

As the project’s Champion, we can provide on-site representation to make sure that construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget.

Working as your advocate, CITADEL experts enable clients to focus on their core business without distraction.

Owner’s Representative services include:

  • Review / Develop Real Estate Strategy
    • Analytics
  • Analyzing constructibility
  • Advising the owner on project delivery systems and forms of contracts
  • Serving as a single point of contact between contractors and designers
  • Representing the owner at key meetings
  • Monitoring the project schedule and budget
  • FF&E Procurement Strategy
  • Auditing quality assurance/quality control procedures
  • Assisting in evaluating contractor and vendor payment requests
  • Providing monthly reporting
  • Facilitating issue and conflict resolution