“We have used Jeremy and his amazing team at Citadel to manage two 7 Brew Coffee sites from start to finish so far along with several others actively in progress. They have done an exceptional job of not only managing the multitude of tasks, people, and deadlines on each project, as well as keeping costs in line with our expectations. The dedicated team assigned to our projects fosters an engaging collaborative experience from start to finish. We truly appreciate their assistance in getting us to where we are today!”

Kyle Hart, Coulter Enterprises LLC


“I’ve worked with Jeremy on a number of projects and he consistently commits to the architectural vision and it shows in the end product. While being proactive, he is always quick to respond and does not miss the finer details. I trust him and his team as they are excellent team players while problem-solving as issues arise.”    Mark Odom, Owner, Mark Odom Studio

“Working with Jeremy has always been a pleasure for us!  Not only is he a great team collaborator, his creative approach to construction methods and techniques is always refreshing– something that is rare for most builders and contractors. He has always provided great constructive feedback during our early design stages, resulting in realistic project success and thereby fostering an enjoyable build process.”                                              Micah Land, Partner, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Jeremy’s ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously is impressive.  His approach is straightforward and he always tries to figure out ways to accomplish the design we set forth”                                                         Jamie Chioco | Chioco Design

“Jeremy hustles. He knows what it takes to get a project done, and he lines up the right people to do so. He is an incredible team leader, who appreciates a very holistic approach to construction; from schematic design to the finish carpenter’s punch list, he manages projects with precision, while balancing the aesthetics, finances and timeline…with great respect for all parts. I’d say in the industry, he’s a rare breed.”                                   Kim Lewis, Founder, Kim Lewis Designs

“Working with Jeremy and the Citadel team is a pleasure. They brought creativity and tactical problem-solving to our projects, quickly evaluating the constraints of time and budget and plotting the best course forward for us as the client and our partners/customers.
“Leveraging their expertise, and their network of top-notch architects, engineers, and other problem-solvers, we were able to rapidly open our projects in Austin, TX mid-pandemic. I would work with the Citadel Team again in any context!”
James Gallagher | Founder, Bandit Coffee & Matcha Bar

“I love the clear and open communication and from getting to know you guys, I can trust what you guys say to be true.  There are a lot of GC’s that the subs can’t trust and there is a disconnect with the relationship.  I do not feel like this is the case with Citadel and I feel like this is more of a relationship than it is a contract.  Please keep that going! ”                                                                                                                                                  Kevin Ivy, Commercial Supervisor, Schneider Mechanical Inc.


Professional References

Farrell Kubena –  Torchy’s Tacos – former Owner

Jay Wald – Torchy’s Tacos – Chief Innovation Officer

Joel Ross – Torchy’s Tacos – Chief Operations Officer

Mike Mrlik – Sarku Japan – Chief Operations Officer

Chris McCray – McCray & Co Design

Jamie Chioco – Chioco Design

Micah Land – Micheal Hsu House of Architecture

Kim Lewis – Kim Lewis Designs

Mark Odom – Mark Odom Design Studio

Mark Kiefer – Kiefer Development

Melissa Smith – Torchy’s Tacos – Director of Facilities

Jamie Streeter – The Retail Connection

Jamie Weaver – Arena Realty

Jorge Rangel – DuWest Realty

** Specific Contact Information Available Upon Request